Meet Jonathan Cronstedt - JCron to his friends, which now includes you.

JCron is an investor, advisor, author and a Board Director at Kajabi, a knowledge commerce platform. Prior to Kajabi, JCron held executive leadership positions for SaaS, mortgage finance, digital publishing, and direct sales.

While its President, Kajabi grew 2153%, achieving a $2B valuation within five years.

After his 20-plus years in executive leadership, operations, and strategy, JCron developed the Bullseye Formula - his proven method for scaling to exit.

Using the Bullseye Formula, JCron invests in and advises a diverse portfolio of companies through The Cronstedt Company, where he is Chairman and CEO.ย 

JCron is dedicated to supporting and equipping the next generation of entrepreneurs as the Executive Director of The Jonathan and Nicole Cronstedt Foundation. JCron believes entrepreneurship is the single greatest transformational force in our world, and it may just be the thing that saves it.

You can read more about JCron, his entrepreneurial journey, and the Bullseye Formula in his book, The Billion Dollar Bullseye.ย 

When heโ€™s not driving outcomes for industry-leading brands or scaling digital empires, JCron is lucky to be husband to Nicole, father to Morgan Taylor, servant to puppy Stella, and an avid enjoyer of sumptuous spirits and brilliant books.

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